Proudly Australian owned and manufactured with over 27 years of experience, our acoustic products have been specially engineered to perform across multiple environments. Offering non-exposed insulation, semi exposed absorptive products, and decorative acoustic solutions to be used alone or in combination, CSR Martini are the experts at integrating design and performance so that the desired outcome is reached both functionally and aesthetically.

You can genuinely feel, see, and hear the difference with CSR Martini products. Everything created is a balance between science and design. Products are engineered to help minimise and reduce sound reverberation where it matters most.

When you support CSR Martini you support Australia by buying Australian Made and Owned products. CSR Martini stand the test of time, as well as the test of sound.

Australian Made and Owned
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Working with nature, not against it – CSR Martini is so committed to sustainability, its entire manufacturing process is environmentally neutral.

Its lifecycle assessment of 80 of its products addresses how long a product lasts and its potential for recycling or re-use. Not only does this rigorous scientific assessment approve these products for use in Greenstar projects, it reflects CSR Martini’s philosophy that “sustainability extends well beyond

In order to make a real, positive impact on the planet, the company is also dedicated to championing the importance of greening the building process. View CSR Martini’s full sustainability offering here.