Rondo Building Services is a market-leading manufacturer of quality, lightweight rolled-formed steel wall and ceiling framing products, and provider of compliant design solutions for the construction industry.

Rondo ceiling systems are highly innovative and of superior quality, with both concealed grid or exposed grid options, there are solutions available to meet acoustic, fire-rated, wind loading and seismic design requirements.

Rondo steel wall framing systems provide durable, practical, and lightweight structures for internal plasterboard walls to create attractive spaces within buildings, or external wall systems to provide direct support of the exterior cladding and interior linings.

Rondo’s high-quality wall and ceiling systems and products are complemented by Rondo’s expert technical design support. Rondo Design Engineers focus on providing wall and ceiling design solutions that are customised individually for each project, ensuring project compliance.

Rondo are passionate about supporting compliance along the course of a project, providing product specification assistance to architects, wall and ceiling design to builders and contractors, and on-site support to installers implementing Rondo designs.



Rondo’s sustainability vision is to promote safety and sustainability across all levels of operations by educating and consulting staff, contractors, and the supply chain on safe work practices and environmental responsibilities.

Rondo regularly review processes to minimise energy consumption and waste to landfill, while continually exploring technology advancements to reduce annual energy consumption and landfill waste. Rondo is committed to achieving and maintaining a high standard of environmental care across all operations.

As part of the commitment to sustainability Rondo:

  • Maintain certification of the ISO14001 Environmental Management System and ISO9001 Quality System by LRQA.
  • Developed a multi-product Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) that is available for everyone to download. The Rondo EPD provides customers with Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) data for over 300 products and 26 product families.
  • Collaborate with our suppliers to source and incorporate recyclable materials in our products and packaging.
  • Achieve the maximum recycled steel content used in the Rondo product range, without being detrimental to the quality of the product.
  • Maintain minimum VOCs in all products and packaging used by Rondo (eg E0 or E1 graded MDF used in access panels).
  • Founding member of the Australian Steel Institute’s (ASI) Environmental Sustainability Charter. Registering for the updated Steel Sustainability Australia program (SSA), being launched July 2023.
  • Member of the Sustainability Advantage program run by the NSW Department of Environment, Climate Change and Water.
  • Signed up to the Australian Federal Government Climate Active program. Certification to be finalised by May 2023.