On the final episode of The Blockcast for 2021, host Jono Fleming chats to Block co-creator and executive producer Julian Cress, about the finishing touches that contestants have put on their houses to really make them feel like homes.

With each of the five properties set to go to auction on Saturday November 6th, Jono and Julian discuss how each of the teams have created houses which are distinctly different from one another, yet all work together to create an inviting family community that extends right throughout Bronte Court.

Front façade week winners Mitch and Mark have delivered a stunning country style façade to their Bronte Court home.

Mitch and Mark “delivered one of the best front gardens we’ve seen ever on the show.” Says Julian Cress of the duo who were voted winners for their front façade design. “So charming and appealing… It captured the imagination of the children, which means it captures the imagination of the parents.”

Using Cemintel’s Headland weatherboard cladding finished in a crisp mint paint for their front façade, Mitch and Mark also used PGH Manhattan Tribeca bricks to create a pathway which leads you through the front yard. Jono Fleming says “I loved that there was just so much respect to the character of the house. To see this house looking so charming with the PGH brick pavers and the Cemintel cladding in that sort of pasetlly colour, it just feels like your picture-perfect suburban home.”

Tanya and Vito have created a façade which stays true to the house’s mid-century design.

Tanya and Vito have created an eclectic mid-century house with a style that is uniquely their own. The Melbourne couple have used a combination of Cemintel Edge Oxford cladding  (also referred to as VJ panelling),  Cemintel Surround Whiteish Base and PGH Morada Blanco bricks to complete an outlook which has impressed both Julian and Jono. “The house itself is all about the façade, it’s just beautiful.” Say Jono. “The façade of that home is an absolute standout; you wouldn’t want to do much to distract from it. I think what they did do compliments it very well.” Julian added.

Ronnie and Georgia have used PGH brick to create a sense of continuity which continues right throughout their house.

“Ronnie and Georgia have been super clever.” Jono says of the seasoned Block contestants. “They’ve tied the whole space together from the front door, right to the back of the house.” Using PGH’s Manhattan East Hampton brick to create their front fence, as flooring in their wine cellar, throughout their back garden and as a feature around their pool, the couple have created a stylish feature which flows throughout the entire house, delivering a sense of elegance and continuity.

Brothers Luke and Josh chose to render their house using Hebel PowerPanel XL, to achieve a contemporary industrial look.

For twins Luke and Josh, the frontage of their home was all about presenting a strong and contemporary aesthetic with an industrial feel, so Hebel PowerPanel XL was chosen and rendered to look like concrete. Josh and Luke loved the fact that it is quick and easy to install, Hebel takes half the time that an equivalent sized brick façade would take – especially important given the time constraints of television. This striking look which captures the eye as soon as you enter Bronte Court was complimented by Cemintel Surround Blackish Base and Cemintel Edge Crown cladding.

Kirsty and Jesse have finished their Hampton style home with Cemintel Balmoral Cladding.

“The finished result is perfect, it’s beautiful.” Jono says of country couple Kirsty and Jesse’s home. “One of the master strokes with Kirsty and Jesse and it’s one of the trickiest things I think designers can do… is to add character to a house that makes it feel like it’s actually been there forever.”

“They have the Cemintel Balmoral cladding on it and it just looks like that perfect Hampton’s house.” Jono says.

“The Balmoral profile is probably still my favourite.” says Julian Cress, “I know it’s traditional, I know it’s simple, but sometimes the simplest things are the best. That house, when we bought it was just damn ugly. It was orange render, but they turned it into a Hampton home… I would say that the Cemintel Balmoral is the perfect choice for that.”

Each house this season has a completely different aesthetic, creating almost a village of styles that sit well in the neighbourhood. Coupled with a kerbside landscaped and designed by Franklin Landscape and Design there is a real family feel and sense of community to this cul-de-sac. A perfect example of modern suburban living.

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