Ensuring your home appeals to future buyers can be tricky. Here are some handy tips from The Block

Today’s home buyer is a savvy one. No longer just happy to accept a quick paint job and a bland colour palette, they are looking for substance and quality when looking to purchase. This is where the hidden extras of a new build really matter.

As all houses on The Block get ready for auction day, it’s good to reflect on the real estate lessons we have learned throughout the 2023 season.

Don’t be afraid of colour

It’s long been a consensus that colour turns off potential buyers, which is why builders and developers often paint everything white. However, while white seems safer, colour can really appeal to buyers, especially in prestige properties. Colour adds personality and helps a property to stand out – and it is just the sort of clever touch that makes an emotional connection with potential buyers.

We loved the colour choices from Leah and Ash in 2023 – it made their property a point of difference from the others. In addition, there is no doubt that buyers who connect to a house on a personal level are more likely to spend more. The challenge with colour is to do it right. Consider hiring an expert such as an interior stylist or colour consultant to use it thoughtfully.

Quality appliances

Built-in appliances such as ovens, stoves and dishwashers help to finish a house and add a practical element. Installing high-end whitegoods shows buyers that you care about the details. Smart purchasers know the good brands! Don’t skimp when purchasing your kitchen appliances – choosing quality indicates that you have carefully thought about all aspects of your home and upgraded whenever possible. There’s a reason that they are mentioned on real estate brochures!

A comfortable home

Modern families are looking for spacious open-plan living spaces, with a great ‘feel’ – that indefinable quality that makes a house seem like a home. And this is where Bradford Insulation can really make a difference. Insulation is the secret behind spaces that are comfortable all-year round, warm in winter and cool in summer. It’s not just about thermal comfort – insulation also helps to control the acoustics in a home and minimise the noise from the patter of small feet.

Street appeal

Selling a house is all about creating good impressions, which is why your façade is so important. Potential buyers want an exterior that looks great – and has minimal maintenance. Nobody loves painting the outside of their house every eight years! Brick is the perfect choice for an exterior because it looks good and doesn’t need painting. If your original house has a brick exterior, it’s worth visiting a PGH Bricks Display Centre to look at modern brick choices that will complement your existing bricks or mixed material facades.

Landscaped gardens

It’s a common mistake to try and save money on a new build by cutting back on landscaping, but beautiful gardens (as seen on The Block) really sell a home by framing the building and creating a home that looks comfortable and lived-in – in the best way. Gardens take time to settle down and for the planting to become established, so it’s best to try and landscape the front and backyards a few years (three at least) before you plan to sell.

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