It was kitchen week on The Block this week. This is such an important room that ties houses together both aesthetically and functionally. We loved the variety of kitchens created this week, but there were some standouts – and some trends we identified.

Marble Kitchen Islands

The kitchen island is almost standard in new homes and renovations today – and we loved seeing them topped with marble for a luxurious touch. The rich crimson marble in one of the houses added the showstopping element to a kitchen. Whether large enough to become an informal dining zone, or an extra preparation space, island benches are a great way to anchor the cooking and eating zone and connect the cook with the living spaces.

Shot of colour in the appliances

From a hot pink coffee machine to a burnt orange stove, we identified the opportunity to add a sense of fun through the choice of appliances. While it might be good sense from a resale perspective to keep the hard surfaces in neutral tones (especially joinery, floors and splashbacks), small shots of colour through appliances will add personality to kitchens.

Curves – again!

Curves will soften the hard edges often found in kitchens, especially elements such as marble and tiled splashbacks. Consider adding arched doorways, oval islands and decorative details that echo the season’s trend towards a rounded aesthetic. One house even added a curved ceiling effect to reinforce the trend of the season. The secret to the curves? Gyprock Flexible!

Comfortable homes

One consistent feature of every week on The Block is the commitment to quality insulation. By using Bradford Gold and Gold High Performance Batts throughout all the homes, the contestants are ensuring that the future buyers will have comfortable homes that stay warm in winter and cool in summer.

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