This week on The Block, the guest bedrooms took centre stage, offering comfort, luxury and, potentially the opportunity for a little country hospitality down the track.

CSR is again proud to be part of The Block, providing quality products and expert assistance throughout the season.

Each of the five houses featured was sourced all over Australia, bringing all sorts of heritage features with the shells of the buildings, including original fireplaces, chandeliers, and cornices.

These features have been a big focus of the renovations – with judge Shaynna Blaze in particular warning the teams that they need to honour the heritage of the homes and include decorative details in their renovations.

Later in the season, the teams will be tackling brand new extensions in the form of new purpose-built sheds and expansive living spaces, but the original buildings will retain the original features.

Ornamental Cornices

As the renovations get underway, each team has added in more character and charm through heritage elements, while keeping a practical and contemporary flavour.

In House 1, Tom and Sarah-Jane have made sure to restore any heritage details they found in the house, adding more where appropriate.

On judging night, Darren Palmer noticed the decorative elements in the couple’s house, including the cornices. “All this detailing – the cornices and I love the wainscoting,” he said, noting that it was a simple Gyprock wall with quad added for effect. “It’s a simple, easy cheap way for a wall to look very glamorous,” he says.

In House 4, tradie couple Dylan and Jenny created a guest bedroom with elegant layers of details, including a Gyprock decorative cornice, leading the judges to say the room was “styled to perfection” and “hard to fault”.

Skylights and Cornices

With most of the contestants on The Block opting for Velux skylights throughout their homes, it can create a balancing act between installing the skylights without compromising the look of the cornices.

Carl Swanson from Velux says that adding as ornate cornices adds some challenges to installation of the skylight, but it is worth the effort.

“It’s not difficult, it’s just a challenge. And when you’re using decorative cornices such as those that CSR were putting in this year, it brings our lines within the roof space closer together.”

It all comes down to making sure you have a good installer, he says, pointing out that the natural light of a skylight can highlight inferior plaster work. However, conversely, a good installer can marry the lines of the plaster with the skylight, allowing the natural light provided by the Velux product to enhance the decorative lines of the cornices.


Curves are big in new builds at the moment, and The Block is no exception to this trend, with Dylan and Jenny adding some archways to their main bathroom to soften the hard edges of the space and create a welcoming entry.

Arches can be created using Gyprock Flexible and rumour has it that there are more arches and curves yet to come this season. We can’t wait!

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