A good children’s room should be a refuge from the outside world – a place where kids can sleep, study and play, so it makes sense that you can have a little fun with the décor.

This year, the teams from The Block created some great zones for the young (and young-at-heart) that made everyone smile and got families all over Australia inspired about their own children’s bedrooms.

Here are our tips and tricks on creating the perfect space for the youngest family members.

Colour in!

Colour is a cheap and easy way to add personality to a bedroom. You can change the colour as kids grow, and their tastes evolve. Try a fresh coat of paint in a fun shade such as a sunny yellow or emerald green as a base and then pair with white furniture. Alternatively, opt for white walls and use the bedding or soft furnishings for splashes of colour. Removable wall stickers are a great way to mix it up too. You can freshen up the stickers every couple of years to keep them fresh and relevant for your kids’ ages and stages. Many of the teams from The Block added in a feature wall of wallpaper to their bedrooms, which is another fabulous way of injecting colour into a room.

Add some fun

There are heaps of cheerful interior accessories that can turn your children’s’ rooms into a fun zone. Consider using a theme for the room – perhaps your child’s favourite animal, or a circus theme, or your son or daughter’s chosen sport. Involve them in choosing the theme, so they feel a connection to the redecorating project. Posters, cushions and bedlinen can all reflect the theme to create a mood and look that makes the space their own.

Make it soundproof

If you want to encourage the kids to play in their rooms – or practise their music – it’s a good idea to include extra acoustic insulation. Bradford SoundScreen is ideal if you are contemplating a new build or extensive renovation. It’s cost-effective to install at the time of building and your ears will thank you later! It’s also a great option if you have high schoolers facing important exams to ensure that their study zones are quiet and distraction-free.

Art attack

Well-chosen art can make a house into a home. Younger children might enjoy having some of their best artworks framed, while older kids often have fun picking art pieces from an online art store. Encourage them to be creative in their choices and choose art that makes them smile. Public art galleries are also a good source of art – take the kids to an exhibition and get them to choose a print of their favourite piece from the gift shop afterwards. You can also hang a collection of photographs to create a salon-style wall, by choosing the same frames and selecting images of your children over the years.

Choose hard-wearing plasterboard

Kids are known to be hard on walls – especially in hallways, play areas and their bedrooms. If you are building, consider upgrading to Gyprock Superchek for walls that can withstand more of life’s bumps and dents. For a small additional cost, Superchek provides enhanced resistance to dents, scuffs and scrapes from things such as furniture and school bags. Superchek also provides noise insulation for a quieter, more comfortable home.

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