If you are searching for a tree change, perhaps it’s time to think laterally. This year on The Block, the contestants created spectacular living, entertaining and working areas in simple (albeit huge) sheds. Be inspired and think outside the square about what you can do with this Aussie icon.

Here are some great ways to adapt a shed for modern living.

Guest accommodation

If you are in the country – or even the outer suburbs – it’s possible you will have frequent guests, either for short stays, or for longer periods. Sometimes known as a granny flat, guest accommodation can be useful for so much more than a place for the in-laws. Make the space comfortable by adding a kitchen or kitchenette, with room for a small fridge, sink and microwave as a minimum. Comfy sofas and a relaxed dining space can help create a welcoming atmosphere. Good ventilation is important to incorporate too, especially if you are incorporating a kitchen and ensuite.

Man cave

Like Omar and Oz on The Block, many Australian blokes dream about a shed of their own, where they can escape from the pressures of work and family, tinker and mend things – or perhaps even watch their favourite sport. If you want to create the dream man cave, make sure you include a big screen TV, a basic kitchen for reheating food and a well-equipped workshop to store all the tools. Consider adding in some Bradford SoundScreen acoustic insulation too – that way the occupants can turn up the volume on the big game, without disturbing the rest of the house.

Studio or work from home space

With more people working from home – either full-time or in a hybrid arrangement – a dedicated office space is more important than ever. If you are turning your shed into a workspace, make sure it’s a pleasant place to spend your daytime hours. Spend money on a good office chair and include a solid desk. Bookshelves add personality and good task lighting is a must. Look at directional lamps for practicality, so you can direct the light to where you need it most. And good insulation is important, both for thermal and acoustic reasons. You don’t want your Zoom meetings being interrupted by rural sounds, demanding children or music practice in the room next door!


Every book lover wants a space where they can read and store their favourite tomes. Turn a corner of your shed into a quiet place to escape by including lots of bookshelves, which add heaps of character and help to disguise any ugly shed walls. Take inspiration from the contestants of The Block, too, by adding in a brick or stone fireplace for extra character, charm and warmth. There’s nothing quite like being curled up in an armchair to read a book next to a fire. If you already have a fireplace, consider a brick hearth for authenticity.

Teenage den

Easy care is the mantra for teen hangouts. Take inspiration from Scott Cam’s home on The Block and install brick flooring. Not only is it warm and welcoming and soft underfoot, brick is super easy to maintain and will hide the odd spill or teenage party disaster. Make sure you include insulation or Gyprock’s Soundchek on the walls to keep the noise to a minimum!

Take a look at all the CSR products used on The Block, room by room and start planning your own renovation or new home.

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