Sarah’s top tip for creating a kids’ room is having fun with the space, bringing as much character and light into the room design. When it comes to kids’ bedrooms, it’s important to keep the room versatile and flexible, with the freedom to adjust the space as the child grows. While you may start with a space for a cot, changing table and nursing chair, think about the next stages and how the space will change when you swap those nursery items for a single bed, desk or study area.

Same goes when it comes to decorating – while it’s relatively easy to refresh a room with a new coat of paint, adhesive decals are also a great way to add a decorative touch to bring that crucial element of fun to your kids’ room. As kids grow, even from one year to another, their tastes and interests change and what was once your dinosaur-obsessed 3YO is now your 5YO monster-truck aficionado! Once again, flexibility is key to allow your child’s space to evolve as their personality does. “You just want to have something where you can add or change on a budget, we don’t want to make it too polarising where, as the kids get older, you have to rip it out or re-paint it all over again” says George.

Sarah & George, The Block 2020 contestants

You just want to have something where you can add or change on a budget, we don’t want to make it too polarising where, as the kids get older, you have to rip it out or re-paint it all over again

Sarah and George are huge fans of insulation, especially Bradford Soundscreen

Speaking of form and function, Sarah and George are huge fans of insulation, especially Bradford Soundscreen. Having used Soundscreen and then lived in their well-insulated Block house during their build last year, they can now feel (and hear!) the major difference that internal wall insulation makes to the home and how much sound transfer is reduced from one room to another. Combining Bradford Soundscreen acoustic insulation with Gyprock Superchek is the ideal combination to comfortable living spaces, especially bedrooms where you want peace and quiet. As Jono notes, when weighing up where you spend and where you splurge, upgrading your insulation like including Soundscreen in your internal walls is not a huge expense, but one that you’ll reap the benefits of for the life of your home. In George’s own words, “I just want to build a new home, so I can put insulation everywhere!”

So, what did they get out last week’s room reveals?

When it came to Kirsty & Jesse’s girly kids’ bedroom, Sarah loved the banquet seating area and the tranquil colour palette. Jono also noted the small wallpaper feature they used to add something extra to the space, adding that it also keeps the room flexible and easy to change should a buyer have different needs or tastes. Overall, there were lots of subtle details in the room to love, like the inset ceiling with the Gyprock Concerto cornice, as Jono says, “with the ceiling, the cornice becomes the detail, and you get all of the beautiful natural light via the windows”.

Kirsty & Jesse, house 5

Handy tips & tricks

Think about details such as lighting early on, to make sure your electricals and wiring are ready to go when it comes to feature and functional lighting.

Ronnie and Georgia had another blockbuster week, creating the ideal flexible space for a little boy or girl. Sarah’s favourite part was the vertical wallpaper and also credited the clever use of lighting, like the double downlight in key areas – something that Sarah & George favoured themselves last season. While the room was structurally and decoratively on point already, when it comes to lighting “it’s those little details that take it from a nice home to a luxury home,” in Jono’s words! Taking the panelling from one room to another also ensures the home has a consistent and cohesive feel.

Ronnie & Georgia, house 1

Onto Tanya & Vito’s room and the Blockcast experts agree that they’ve done a great job of tying all their spaces together, while maintaining the uniqueness of each room. They’ve done this by using a few key elements – like arches and terrazzo features – throughout the home to bring it all cohesively together. The only note that Sarah makes regarding their kids’ room is the choice of building a fixed bunk bed into the room. Fixed furniture makes your less flexible and adaptable, so it is something to think about, especially if looking to sell the home later on. The same goes for the bold terrazzo-style wallpaper that decorates most of the room. “Unlike Mitch and Mark’s, this is a kids’ room that really has to stay as a kids’ room. If you wanted to change it, it would be quite a lot of work because everything is built in, rather than moveable,” Neale explained during the reveal.

Tanya & Vito, house 3

Great examples of forward planning and flexible thinking, Mitch & Mark’s kids’ bedroom also features a gorgeous bunk bed that can easily be swapped out for a queen bed, importantly with power points already in place if the space were to be converted to an additional bedroom. Their jungle-themed wallpaper is also non-polarising and easy to update as it’s only across one wall. Overall, they’ve done a fantastic job with layout and created a magical kids haven – that’s guaranteed to score bonus points on the real-estate brochure!

Mitch & Mark, house 2

Jono’s Top Tips

Tip 1

Look up and take note of the details you can add to your walls and ceilings. Decorative cornice is perfect for a period home, or a home with a more classic style. It’s a beautiful way to finish a wall and it adds a level of finesse and detailing you see in a luxury home.

Tip 2

When it comes to a kids’ room, don’t forget to be flexible and allow the room to grow with your child. Making sure there’s space in a room to change over time will be really beneficial in the long run but consider your budget first.

Tip 3

Add personality to a kids’ room through colour, decals and wallpaper. These are easily swapped out if you need a change, but it helps add detail and depth to a room in such a simple way.

Tip 4

Don’t over clutter your space. Most kids are pretty good at creating mess, so make sure there is plenty of storage to hide away toys and keeping it open and simple, means more room for activities.

Tip 5

Insulate your internal walls. It helps with reducing sound travel, a must when you’ve got a baby and it helps keep the home cosy in those cooler days.

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