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Mastering the Ensuite

In episode six of The Blockcast, interior designer host Jono Fleming chats to previous Block contestants and fan favourites, Alisa and Lysandra Fraser about what makes the perfect master ensuite and their thoughts on the week’s reveals.

Master suites are no longer simply oversized bedrooms and have become a major influence in the purchase of a home. These private retreats have evolved into stunning spaces more akin to a high-end resort, including touches of luxury that are just a little more special than those found in the main areas of the home.

The houses featured on this season of The Block are a perfect example of current market trends, as people become more focused on wellbeing and are finding themselves spending more and more time at home. Contestant’s Luke and Josh have built their entire house around the layout of their master suite, such is their confidence that it will be a major driver towards a favourable result come auction day.

H4 Rm5 Bathroom Josh _ Luke-008 1
The indoor/outdoor bathroom created by Block contestants Luke and Josh Packham

Master ensuites are the one area of the master suite which can really dictate the opulence of the entire space. This week, previous Block contestants and stars of the online series The Design Duo Alisa and Lysandra Fraser, spoke to Interior Designer Jono Fleming about master ensuites. When creating a master ensuite, it’s important to focus on form and functionality first Alisa and Lysandra say. “It’s really important that whether you’re designing for a client or yourself, it really has to suit how you live,” they added. “It’s also important to keep that resale in mind as well, because you don’t want to create something that a lot of people aren’t going to like.”

It's really important that whether you're designing for a client or yourself, it really has to suit how you live

H3 Rm5 Bathroom Tanya _ Vito-016 1
Tanya and Vito’s master ensuite was described by judge Neale Whitaker as being “more than polarising, it’s divisive.”

Alisa and Lysandra suggest that when planning an ensuite you should “splurge on your tapware, spend as much as your budget allows. That’s where it’s going to stand the test of time.” Despite the direction taken by returning contestants Mitch and Mark, Alisa and Lysandra advise “you can pick up really affordable tiles that make your bathroom still feel luxurious… If there’s a place you can save, tiles is where it’s at.”

H2 Rm5 Bathroom Mitch _ Mark-006 1
Mitch and Mark’s master ensuite is finished with a fish scale feature tile and 3m x 1m tile slabs on the floor and walls.

The Block judges applauded Ronnie and Georgia’s use of neutral tones which will go a long way towards ensuring the space remains current. They are able to create a smooth flow through their master suite by introducing a muted palette consistent with the colours used in their bedroom. Judge Shaynna Blaze said she loved how Ronnie and Georgia have once again mastered the use of “neutral calm, “We’ve got the bold green that’s on the feature wall, but they’ve just carried a little bit of it in here, and just a very soft green on that tile,” she says.

H1 Rm5 Bathroom Ronnie _ Georgia-018 1
Ronnie and Georgia have been commended for their use of neutral tones in their master ensuite.

Blockcast host Jono Fleming offers the following tips for anyone considering creating a master ensuite.

Tip 1: Think about how you use the space

“When you’re designing your master ensuite, think about how you use the space and what you want in there. It might be a double shower or a bathtub, but whatever it is, you make sure that space is personalised to you and that will give it a sense of luxury.”

Tip 2: Keep things cohesive

“Keep things cohesive, neutral doesn’t mean boring. Soft colours and classic shapes will help give a bathroom longevity and adding interesting feature tiles can give the room personality without being too polarising.”

Tip 3: Think about your materials

“Save on your tile cost by using water resistant Gyprock on walls that aren’t in direct wet areas. Outdoor materials are already used to being exposed to the elements, so be creative when choosing your finishes*.”

  1. Don’t get too held up on trends
    “Design your space with longevity in mind, bathrooms can be expensive to renovate, so make sure your choices stand the test of time.”
  2. Give your room a sense of luxury
    “Give your room some finishing touches with beautiful bathroom products. Don’t forget, these small elements can really give your room a sense of luxury and that’s exactly what we want in a master ensuite.”

*Check installation manuals, product warranties and consult with a building professional prior to selecting materials not designed for bathroom use.

To hear more design and building insights, listen to The Blockcast featuring interior designer Jono Fleming each Monday after The Block reveals.

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