This year on The Block, it’s all about managing the wet areas as the teams create soft and luxurious bathrooms using specialty products and a little imagination.

Each year, The Block translates some of the biggest architectural trends of the moment into accessible ideas for everyday Australians. It can be educational as well as inspiring watching the teams renovate these spectacular homes. It’s a nice way to skip dealing with mess and learn about building, all from the comfort of our living rooms.

Seeing a trend feature on The Block means that it has officially passed into mainstream Australian homes – adapted for real life and our way of living.

Here, we look at the 5 biggest bathroom trends we are seeing in The Block in 2023, and how they might work in your home.

1. Skylights

Skylights have become almost standard in bathrooms, and are always a favourite with teams on The Block, allowing these often small rooms to seem more spacious because of the natural light that floods in through the glass.

It’s important to know that skylights can be tricky to install, so you need an expert plasterer to make sure they sit well within the ceiling profile and have the right surround – they are definitely not a DIY job!

2. Showstopping tapware 

Colour in all forms is a big trend in bathrooms at the moment, including tapware and door hardware.

Brass has been on trend for the last few years, but we are seeing new versions of this durable metal – brushed brass and antique brass are now on the must-have list with many homeowners. We loved some of the brass elements chosen in the studio bathroom of House 5, the home of sisters Eliza and Liberty in 2023, especially the hardware on the shower screen.

3. Waterproofing

As regular Block viewers will know, Waterproof Wednesday is big on The Block – indeed it’s helped many novice renovators discover the importance of waterproofing in wet areas and a little bit of what the process involves.

Interestingly, waterproofing is a relatively new development, only becoming compulsory in 1996, when waterproofing of wet areas became governed by the relevant Australian Standard AS:3740 (Waterproofing of Wet Areas). However, it’s standard practice now and with Keith and Dan doing the checks, you can be assured that all houses will be up to code.

Of course, keeping wet spaces moisture-resistant is more than just applying waterproofing. The new NCC2022 code means that all builds need to duct wet areas directly to outdoor air, including toilets.

All the teams on The Block installed Gyprock Aquachek™ on the walls and ceilings in their bathrooms, which is a moisture-resistant wall and ceiling plasterboard. The core, face and back of Gyprock Aquachek™ are treated to make it resistant to moisture and humidity without compromising integrity.

Paired with a good insulation and ventilation system from Bradford, all the bathrooms will last for years and satisfy even the fussiest of buyers.

4. Ventilation

Like all wet areas, such as laundries and even kitchens, ventilation is an important consideration when designing your bathroom. With many people opting for rain showers, open wet areas and double showers, it’s important to design your new bathroom to help reduce moisture as much as possible.

Start with great insulation, which can help draw moisture out of wet areas, then add ventilation throughout the space and in the subfloor. Bradford Ventilation roof and sub-floor ventilators expel moist air, helping to protect the structure integrity of homes – and the health of your family.

Moisture in your home can be a destructive force, causing wood rot and encouraging mould and mildew. These in turn can trigger asthma and allergies, so managing moisture should be an important consideration when designing a new home. And, it’s much easier and more cost-effective to add ventilation to a new build instead of retro-fitting it later. Just one of the reasons why teams from The Block do a complete demolition before undertaking their new bathrooms.

5. Patterned tiles

Boring white-on-white bathrooms have had their day. The modern bathroom is designed with splashes of colour to add personality and vibrancy to wet areas. The key is to find the right balance when choosing a feature tile, making sure that other design elements don’t compete with the tile.

We loved the Moroccan-style tiles in the shower niche of Kristy and Brett’s studio bathroom, especially coupled with the terrazzo-style floor tiles. The subtle use of colour added personality as well as a calmness to the room. And, with the pressure of those long filming days, we are sure the couple will appreciate the relaxing aesthetic of the space as the season progresses!

About Bradford Ventilation

Bradford Ventilation has a variety of solutions for all areas of the house, including roofs and subfloor. Effective ventilation is an important way to create a more comfortable, energy efficient and healthier home. Removing heat in summer and controlling moisture in your home will help create a better environment for your family.

About Gyprock Aquachek™

Gyprock Aquachek™ is a moisture-resistant wall and ceiling plasterboard designed as the perfect lining for wet areas. It is available in 10mm and 13mm thicknesses for residential and commercial applications. The core, face and back of Gyprock Aquachek™ are treated to make it resistant to moisture and humidity without compromising integrity. It is specifically designed for use as a wall and ceiling lining in wet areas of residential or commercial buildings. It can be easily identified by its blue coloured face paper.

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