See how CSR has helped bring these work from home spaces to life!

Steph and Gian – Winners

Steph and Gian were the winners again on The Block this week – showing lots of style, consistency, and rising above the storms. We loved their work-from-home/ media room with its built-in cabinetry and soft furnishings. It showed beautiful workmanship and styling. “I’d work from here,” said judge Shaynna Blaze.

Kyle and Leslie

Kyle and Leslie’s work-from-home space on The Block included lots of natural light and textural layers to create a calm room that showed a great deal of consistency by this couple. If offered a lovely sense of luxury, but we agree with the judges about the need for skirting boards!

Leah and Ash

The big storm on the site really caused Leah and Ash a lot of grief on The Block this week. Their slightly sodden 1950s-style work from home space continued their dramatic and glamorous theme, but it did come in for a bit of criticism from the judges, especially regarding functionality. We loved the custom-made marble fireplace, though. A real showstopper.

Kristy and Brett

Kristy and Brett faced a few challenges with their original house this week, including pine stumps (which had to be replaced) and badly mortared old brickwork that had to be redone. The joys of renovating! However, their finished work-from-home space was light and bright, with white panelled walls to offset the herringbone timber floors and curved desk.

Eliza and Liberty

Sisters Eliza and Liberty chose to create a guest bedroom instead of a work-from-home space, securing a little styling help and advice along the way. The judges appreciated the styling improvement the girls made, with judge Marty Fox saying, “it does have a really nice feel”, adding that he applauded the flexibility the layout offered. They were less sure about the girls’ hero art piece, but overall, a good effort.

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