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Functional Space: Don’t overlook the importance of your hallways and laundry

Looking beyond the practicality of its narrow walls, hallways act as a conduit to our main spaces, like an artery which connects our meticulously designed rooms into one cohesive space. This week, Jono chats all things hallway and laundry with The Block Shop co-founders Emma & Sarah.

This week was no different for Ronnie and Georgia on The Block who continued their running streak of well-designed rooms in their Block house, owed in no small part to “the best use of skylights” as described by Jono Fleming on this week’s Blockcast episode, creating an oasis of natural light in Ronnie & Georgia’s entryway. Luckily, the couple paid extra attention to their Gyprock plastering throughout the hallway, ensuring a flawless level 5 finish throughout. Remember this if you are looking to invite extra natural light into your space. There is nowhere to hide rough or rushed plastering, as every little bump and detail will only be accentuated when sunlight hits your walls.

“It’s amazing how she uses the natural light and the light fixtures, to create that atmosphere – the minute that door opens into the hallway…” Emma says of Georgia’s styling. “I wouldn’t change a thing in this hallway. I love that from the second you walk in the front door, you’re just led along the hallway… you just want to see what’s next”

Their laundry has followed the simple, classic and neutral style they’ve established throughout the rest of the house. Some highlights were the integrated laundry basket which is a great space-saving and neat finish for any family home.


Mitch and Mark used a stylish hallway runner and matching art photography to dress up their hallway space. Taking on past feedback from the judges, they incorporated extra storage cabinets in the hallway leading to their laundry. Throughout their hallway and laundry, Mitch and Mark have used art objects, statuettes and decorative pieces to stamp their personal style and display the versatility and flexibility of the spaces they’ve created.

Tanya and Vito have continued their bold streak by creating a pink-and-terrazzo laundry space, as well as a striking powder room. As the Block Shop girls say, the WC (or powder room) is one place where you can get creative and go a bit wild with your styling. Statement wallpaper, unique lighting fixtures or a quirky mirror don’t feel out of place as it’s such a small space and easy to update to suit your mood. Jono was also impressed by the functional mid-century style study space they’ve created – perfect for this light-filled, quiet zone especially in the current day and age!


“It’s a fun, joyful house – you can’t help but smile as you walk through it… it’s beautiful” says Emma.

Onto House 4 and Josh and Luke were the victims of hell week this week. While they didn’t get to complete and deliver the hallway as they wanted, the laundry had the telltale clean lines and finishes reflective of their style. Jono even notes “I think their laundry is one of the best rooms they have delivered – aesthetically, styling-wise… they did a really great job!” Along with a well-finished powder room complete with their signature matte black fixtures, the twins have done a good job of carrying their style throughout this house.

Huge week for Kirsty and Jesse – the couple had such an emotional week, both personally and taking on this huge project. They delivered not only a striking hallway, but a laundry and a full bathroom too – and it truly paid off, wowing the judges and our Blockcast guests alike. There was lots to love in their hallway, from the bench seat with lots of storage underneath, to their hallway runner and art pieces which helped to pull their hallway together. They’ve stayed true to their classic Hamptons style and created a cozy and lived-in feeling to the space overall. “The wainscoting, to the beautiful archways and curves throughout…”

Jono also thinks this bathroom is the best they’ve delivered on The Block, “it’s stunning – the colour balance, the tiles, the VJ panelling… to the arch mirrors”. This is a great use of their stretched budget – they’ve tiled their shower and floors then used VJ panelling throughout the rest of the walls which not only saved them dollars but also helped create a dreamy and on-trend space! Their laundry followed the navy Hamptons-style cabinetry that brought life to their kitchen and it was definitely the right choice. Functional as it was stylish, it ticked all of our boxes!

So, what’s on trend this year? While Jono raves about the extra-clever built-in laundry hamper, the girls are all about textured wallpaper and panelling, whether it’s VJ in the bathroom or classic wainscoting in a hallway – textures are very on trend.


Where to Splurge and Save?

Definitely splurge on your appliances. These are an investment and at the heart of your utility rooms, so they need to stand the test of time, be energy-efficient and work for you and your family size. Similarly, while you don’t need to spend a lot of money, you do need to be clever about how you design and use the space around them. Think practically about how you and your family use these areas and create smart storage solutions that will suit your family’s needs and lifestyle.


For Jono – the ‘save’ comes in with the insulation. While it seems like an extra expense upfront, in the long run insulating your walls with Soundscreen and using Gyprock Superchek will make a huge difference by keeping noise inside areas like utility rooms (so you can run a full load of washing on Saturday morning without waking up the kids!) and maintain a comfortable home. Lastly an important point from Sarah about saving on art and decorative pieces – “don’t rush out and fill your house with things. It takes a lifetime to collect your things.”

Insulate on the inside and out to save in the long run – says Jono Fleming.


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