See how CSR has helped bring these awesome Master Bedrooms to life!

Steph and Gian – Winners

It’s the halfway mark on The Block and winners Steph and Gian tackled the biggest room in The Block. It was a lot of work, but it all paid off when the couple won the week. We loved the wide expanse of Gyprock in the cathedral ceilings that we could see as they started painting and know our quality products contributed to the winning score! A beautiful space.

Kyle and Leslie

Taking last week’s feedback from the judges on board, Kyle and Leslie expanded their master bedroom and included a blade wall dividing their bedroom from the walk-in robe. At CSR we are a big fan of all the curves we are seeing this season on The Block, and we are loving the arches throughout this couple’s house.

Leah and Ash

CSR Gyprock was an integral part of Leah and Ash’s master bedroom this week, with the installation of the all-important Gyprock Flexible to create their spectacular curved ceiling and curved wall. Judge Marty Fox simply said, “how good is that?”. “Now that is art,” said Darren Palmer.

Kristy and Brett

Kristy and Brett created a warm and inviting atmosphere in their master bedroom with a Venetian plaster feature wall. They had a few hiccups with the lighting, but overall, a great room that was well designed. “Light and airy, warm and cosy,” said judge Marty Fox. “It sort of gives you a big hug.”

Eliza and Liberty

After a week of huge problems with their builders, sisters Eliza and Liberty didn’t quite finish their main bedroom. We did love the fireplace and showstopping artwork they chose, as did judge Shaynna Blaze. Great floorplan too!

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