Meet Kyle & Leslie

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Meet Kyle & Leslie

Parents from Perth, WA

This married couple met in a nightclub 12 years ago and immediately hit it off. They married in 2014 and are an incredibly strong couple who bounce off each other.

They have two children, Luca, 11, and Archer, 7.

Archer was diagnosed with Autism at two and half years of age.

Kyle and Leslie have applied for The Block five times. Luca said “one last chance” and they ended up getting on the show.

“It’s the ultimate challenge,” Leslie said. “Obviously there is the opportunity of financial reward at the end, but there are the rewards of everything you go through before that.”


They own their own house in the Perth suburb of Caversham.

“We built our house through a building company,” Kyle said. “They left it with the bare bones and we did the rest.”

They are always looking for their next dream home to have a crack at, which they hope to find after The Block.

Kyle, 36, firefighter

Kyle says being a firefighter is his dream job that took a few tries to get into. This hard-working family man is no-nonsense in the way he goes about things.

He is a huge sports fan and loves nothing more after a big day at work than sitting at home watching the footy with his family.

As in life, Kyle will be methodical and considered on The Block.

Leslie, 34, educational assistant

Leslie came to Australia from Zimbabwe with her parents and sister two decades ago.

She has a bright and bubbly personality, is very funny, warm and engaging, and is studying to become a teacher.

Leslie is very sociable and looking forward to making new friends on The Block, as well as the renovating experience.

“We’ve applied a few times and waited a long time, so we can’t wait to get started,” she said.


They have a fantastic life together and enjoy unique experiences, such as their trip to California in 2018. “We are big on having our own adventures together,” Leslie said.

If they argue, it never lasts long. “I feel like we can give each other some pretty solid constructive criticism without ruffling up each other’s feathers,” Leslie added.

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