See how CSR has helped bring to life these studios!

Steph and Gian – Winners

Architect Steph and start-up worker Gian were the winners this week, with their trademark neutral palette, but this time they added some soft textural layers and stepped up the attention to detail. The result was a well-planned and beautifully styled room that drew praise from the judges. “Cosy,” said Marty. “Gorgeous,” said Shaynna. We loved the soft and welcoming feel of the room.

Kyle and Leslie

Kyle and Leslie’s studio was the largest on @theblock, with a generous bedroom and a second room that the couple turned into a Pilates studio. The Pilates idea was a decision questioned by the judges, who felt it was too limiting. We did like their use of arches throughout the space – this is such a strong trend in building at the moment. and a perfect use of Gyprock Flexible plasterboard. “Beautiful plastering, and those curves… so sexy,” said Shaynna. We agree.

Leah and Ash

We felt for Leah and Ash on The Block this week during their search for great plasterers – it’s an important (and skilled) trade and we are pleased they came up with a solution. Their studio was a nice flexible space (we loved the kitchenette) that could suit a variety of uses and the beautiful, curved ceiling, again with Gyprock Flexible plasterboard, complemented their luxe bathroom of last week.

Kristy and Brett

Kristy and Brett’s studio was attached to their main home, which provided a point of difference to the other teams. We loved the New York-loft style of the room, with the skylights and the olive colour palette. The judges weren’t sure about the layout, but applauded the execution and the colour choices.


Eliza and Liberty

Sisters Eliza and Liberty are learning fast – and working hard. After two all-nighters, they finished their self-contained granny flat, but came in for some harsh comments from the judges. Initially positive, judge Marty Fox said he loved the space, the ceiling heights and the aspect out to the garden, but didn’t love the girls’ styling, calling it “juvenile”. Onwards and upwards for this pair, we hope.

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