Homeowners know that building or renovating doesn’t always go to plan, and if you are new to the process, the stress involved in project managing it can be overwhelming.

Welcome to The Block, when everything that can go wrong will go wrong – and, for added measure, be captured by the camera and screened to millions of Australians.

CSR is again proud to be part of The Block, providing quality products and expert assistance throughout the season. We help the contestants to build beautiful, sustainable homes that will last well beyond the end of the television season.

Over many years, The Block has benefited from a variety of CSR products, including Gyprock, Cemintel, PGH Bricks, Monier, Bradford Insulation and Hebel, and this year is no different.

The Block in 2022

2022 is the 18th season of the award-winning show and in a change of scenery, the teams are heading out of Melbourne this year to the beautiful Macedon Ranges, just one hour north-west of the city.

It’s all about a Tree Change, reflecting one of the biggest shifts in real estate over the last couple of years, largely because of COVID-19. This year five new teams are creating the ultimate in country retreats, spread out over 50 acres.

The five 10-acre properties will each have a 500 square metre house and garage, made up of old houses that have been sourced around Australia and trucked in, along with newly built pavilions and shed.

Reflecting another big building trend, sustainability will be a big part of the season this year and all five houses will be off the grid with a seven-star energy rating. There’s even an onsite recycling centre for the building materials.

Host Scott Cam will be on the property throughout the show, renovating the original homestead that’s been there for 154 years. Scotty has a three-month head start on the contestants, so he’s well into the renovation by the time the teams (and the cameras) arrive, with a view to providing advice and inspiration through his careful restoration of his home.

And there’s a new cast member – one that is already tipped to be a fan favourite – Frankie the dog (and site manager). Frankie is never far from Scotty and steals more than a few scenes along the way.

Scott Cam and Frankie
Tom & Sarah-Jane's Winning Room

Ready, Set, Build!

The series started with its usual decider challenge, with all five teams – plumber Tom and social worker Sarah-Jane; Team Chippy, Dylan and Jenny; glamour couple Joel and Elle; accountant Ankur and actress Sharon; and best mates Omar and Oz – tackling a guest bedroom, with the winner getting to choose which house they’d like to renovate.

As usual there were tears among the chaos. The CSR team noted House 1’s rookie mistake when they tried to get ahead by painting primer on unsanded Gyprock. Poor plumber Tom then had to spend hours hand-sanding his newly primed walls to get the Gyprock ready for painting. Great learning experience for everyone!

The couple recover well, winning the first challenge and choosing to stay with House 1. The pressure is huge for one of the couples, however, with Joel and Elle departing and the crew scrambling to get a replacement team in time for the first big week of renovations – bathroom week.

New contestants Rachel and Ryan turn their lives around in 24 hours to fly down to Macedon and hit the ground running. Fortuitously, Ryan is a plumber and bathroom specialist, so the fact that this is bathroom week is great news for the just-off-the-plane couple.

Elle and Joel's Only Room!
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