What is a house facade?

The word facade originally comes from the Italian word ‘facciata’. It generally refers to the outside or exterior faces of a building, however the term is frequently used to basically refer to the front-facing section of a house.

House facades are made up of different elements, including the walls, roof, windows, doors and trimmings of your home. Basically, the facade is the first thing you see from the street and the area of your home that leaves the biggest impression on the people coming and going.

Choosing a house facade design that you love not only gives you curb appeal and makes sure you’re happy each and every time you leave or come home, but it can also help with the resale of your home, potentially giving you a bigger price on auction day.

How to set the style of your house facade

When choosing your house facade design, you can draw on an endless array of colours and textures to create your perfect style.

Your house facade can be influenced by the natural or man-made environmental surroundings of your home, or you can just choose a style that you like, regardless of where you are! A popular house facade design in 2021 is the modern facade, featuring flat roof lines, mixed materials of cladding, brick and panels, and minimalistic colour schemes.

You can take the quick, easy and fun PGH Style Quiz here to help you decide which house facade design you might like to choose for your new home build.

Choosing the right materials

When it comes to choosing the right materials for your house facade design, you’ll need to make choices that work for your personal style, as well as complementing the weather and surroundings of your home’s location.

It’s a good idea to choose one material for the walls, or you can potentially choose two or even three to create interesting contrasts in texture and feel. For example, you could choose a light coloured render from Hebel and complement it with a statement dark brick from PGH Bricks for some smaller areas of the facade.

If you choose to go with a rendered home facade design, this can lead to achieving a really sleek, modern and clean look. However, you’ll want to choose a colour that matches the style of your home. For example, if your home is more of a coastal cottage vibe, you won’t want to go for a dark grey render. You could also opt to mix textures and introduce a light coloured brick as well.

If you’re wanting to create a luxurious and classic Coastal Hamptons home facade design, weatherboard cladding can be a fantastic addition. Balmoral Weatherboards from Cemintel are perfect for this type of look, as well as being low maintenance and hardy for coastline conditions.

For the final touches to complement the walls of your home facade design, you can add terracotta elements or concrete styles. These are available in a huge range of colours to suit any design, so you’ll be able to make an eye-catching statement with the front of your home.

Don’t forget the details

With house facade designs, the devil is in the detail, and you’ll want to be sure you’re making the right decisions when it comes to the colour and material of your windows, doors, gutters and garage door. Having a consolidated and cohesive look will help bring everything together to create a stunning house facade design.

When choosing the details of your house facade design, you can choose to keep it contemporary and clean with similar complementary colours to your main walls. Alternatively, you can seize the opportunity to add playful and trend-forward pops of colour that will make you smile when you arrive home. Think forest green windows, a timber clad section, or a navy feature wall.

Lighting & landscape

Lighting and landscaping are other factors that will play into the overall impression your house facade design leaves on visitors to your home. Finishing touches can really work to tie everything in together and leave you with a stunning house facade design that will remain timelessly attractive for years to come.

Ensuring that the front of your home is properly lit can also add value to it when you do eventually sell. It’s about more than just showing off the amazing design decisions you’ve made – it’s about making sure your visitors can arrive and leave safely and comfortably. You should consider lighting your front gate, illuminating your front pathway, and making sure your doorway is adequately lit also.

In terms of landscaping, the best landscaping is the type that you can maintain. If you don’t have much time to be handling the shears and getting out in the garden then choose something low maintenance, such as cultured stones, mulch beds and perennial plants that don’t need a lot of care.

Visualise your home facade

Dream it. Design it. Build it. To make everything easier when creating your house facade design, use the iDESIGN tool from CSR. This tool allows you to visualise and experiment with creating your perfect home facade. You can choose the style of your home, and then mix and match colours and materials to find a look you love.

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