1. Don’t forget your insulation

Bathrooms, bedrooms and guest rooms are among the most popular spaces to insulate – that means your internal walls. It is easy to overlook, but acoustic internal insulation is key to minimising disturbances that airborne noise transfer can cause and is extremely cost-effective. Including acoustic insulation such as Bradford Soundscreen insulation behind your Gyprock wall lining ensures that the space you create is not only beautiful but more comfortable and peaceful for you and your guests alike.

Kirsty & Jesse’s guest bedroom, house 5

2. Pay attention to the details

The finishing touches can make or break the overall look and feel of any space. It’s important that you don’t rush your finishes, as rough and poor workmanship can quickly become a focal point, undermining all your hard work. As Kara notes, “they detract from a space; if your room isn’t finished properly, you begin to start looking everywhere else for what else isn’t done”. Well-finished rooms create a sense of cohesion and exude the perceived quality of the room – both inside and out.

3. Think about storage

Streamlined and well-finished joinery is key to creating a sophisticated space. Most of all, be practical and consider how you (and your guests) will be using the storage spaces. Glass robe doors might look good in an editorial, but they might not be the smartest option if you plan to use empty guest robes for your off-season coats! Stuck for room to add a full wardrobe? Jono suggests considering beautiful designer hanging rails and bench space for your guests’ storage. Guests coming for a short stay will be satisfied having somewhere to put their luggage, while you can focus on enhancing the atmosphere in the rest of the room to keep your guests comfortable!

Mitch & Mark's guest bedroom, house 2

4. Scale for your space

Know the measurements and the room you are working with. Don’t feel like you need to fill every corner of the room, as it can make it look and feel cluttered. Consider the size of your furnishings and how they will fit in with the overall space you have to work with – bulky bedheads, grandiose lamps and chunky bedside tables can all take up a lot more space than what your room can accommodate and therefore close in the space, making it feel smaller. Don’t be tempted to add that extra Monstera pot – give your rooms breathing space and embrace open areas for a clean, spacious and comfortable finished room.

5. Be smart with light

Skylights are a clever way to add natural light, especially in small spaces. Large light fixtures such as chandeliers can overpower a small space, such as a guest bedroom. Focus on adding as much natural light as possible and enhance the area with subtle decorative lighting, or “jewellery on the bedside” as Jono calls it, like beautiful bedside lamps to fit in with the room’s styling.

Ronnie & Georgia's winning guest bedroom, house 1

6. Layering tip

Play with height when arranging artwork and decorative objects. Hanging art up high on the wall seems like the natural thing to do to decorate the space, however, a smarter way to style your décor is rooted in making sure that it all ties together to tell a story. Consider simply resting art pieces on a table or bench alongside other decorative knick-knacks to create your own unique design. In short, Jono’s tip of the week was “Make sure you’re layering things at different heights!”

7. Establish a strong style direction

From the hallway to the living spaces, bedrooms and through to the bathrooms, setting a theme for your home is a smart decision to make in the early stages of your build or reno. This will make your project easier overall, as setting this direction can ensure that the complete product feels cohesive and considered. If you’re not sure what your style is, take the PGH Style Quiz that can help you define your look for both your exteriors and interiors.

Josh & Luke's guest bedroom, house 5

8. Don’t be afraid of colour

Experiment with colour and adding a bit of personality to your rooms. Used correctly, colour doesn’t have to be polarising and even if you’re building to sell, a contrasting feature whether it’s tonal paint or a stylish wallpaper, can really bring impact to your space.

9. Speaking of features

While we’re on the topic of features, the trend report of the week says it’s all about wallpaper. However, it’s not all about bright and busy patterns anymore. Think soft, subtle wallpapers with a rendered or etched look to add texture to large walls.

Ronnie & Georgia's winning guest bedroom, house 1

10. Mood board your project to plan and reflect

Whether it’s a physical mood board or a digital one (such as a Pinterest board), it’s a good way to figure out what your style is and get inspired, giving you something to refer back to whenever you hit a creative block and help you get back on track.

Planning your own build, reno or simply a restyle of an existing room?

Get your style direction in place early on and think a little outside the box when it comes to function and décor. Be practical and consider how you can make the room work for you, even when you don’t have guests. Remember that guest bedrooms aren’t the main event – don’t try to fit a big master bedroom suite in a smaller guest space, focus on comfort features like effective soft furnishings, layering colour, mood lighting and acoustic insulation!

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