What is a Hamptons style home?

Hamptons style homes are modelled after the dwellings in, unsurprisingly, the Hamptons, an affluent area at the east end of Long Island that’s a popular holiday spot for New Yorkers in search of some serious rest and relaxation.

The Hamptons area is known for its gorgeous beaches, dramatic dunes, shingled windmills, historic charm and rural magic. So, what is a Hamptons style home?

Hamptons style homes are designed to be light, bright and whitewashed with a sophisticated beachy vibe that replicates the luxurious feel of the Hamptons area. Hamptons style homes are the American version of the French styles of Baroque, Rococo and Empire, with five key characteristics:

  • Weatherboard-style exterior cladding
  • Space and light with French windows and large doors
  • Timber floors and staircases
  • White as the hero with accents of neutrals, greens, blues, pinks and greys
  • Shaker-style kitchens (featuring classic cabinetry with bevelled edges)
Pacifico Cottage, Shelley Craft
Blue Lagoon, Kyal & Kara

Fortunately for Australians, Hamptons style homes are absolutely perfect for the coastline of Australia, and putting an Australian twist on the classic Hamptons style is now a very popular option for homebuilders.

Due to their emphasis on space, lightness and brightness, Hamptons style homes commonly feature rooms that blend indoor and outdoor living, which matches the Australian coastal lifestyle to a tee.

And Hamptons style homes aren’t just popular on the coast of Australia. This style is now a preferred design for inland areas of Australia too, with the timelessness and freshness of the style lending well to hot, natural climates.

Start with the exterior

So, how to create a Hamptons style home? Start with the exterior and work your way in! For building a Hamptons style home from the ground up, you’ll want to choose materials that complement each other in colour but contrast in texture to create stunning depth and an authentic Hamptons look.

As we mentioned before, weatherboard cladding is a distinctive Hamptons exterior material, adding clean, contrasting lines that work perfectly with white window frames and white timber balcony railings. You could go for contrasting colour window shutters in a light charcoal or dark forest green to really elevate your Hamptons style home.

The exteriors of Hamptons style homes are organic with a focus on subtlety, and best suit materials that have come from the earth. Balmoral Weatherboards from Cemintel are a modern take on the timeless weatherboard, as they’re made from fibre cement that won’t shrink or crack over time. Their clean horizontal lines and wood-grain texture create that perfect contrast you’re looking to create with your Hamptons style home.

Another option for texture contrast on the exterior is using brick, either as an accenting feature or a main element. For a Hamptons style home, choose light coloured bricks that blend with the coastal colour scheme of the rest of the home, such as Driftwood Grey or Fresh White from the Simply Hamptons range.

For even further texture and choice when it comes to your exterior, you could get that sleek yet sophisticated flat profile roof with Monier’s concrete tiles in ‘Horizon’. Designed to deliver a streamlined look, concrete tiles are the perfect solution for a coastal or inland Hamptons style home.

Work your way to the interior

What is a Hamptons style home when it comes to the interiors? Different materials, textures and shapes are used to create an inviting, clean and luxurious coastal feel. Think of an Australian beachside retreat with warm white colours and brass accents that offer a sleek, clean and understated look. This Soul Home project is the perfect example of combining stylish interiors with durable materials to create a stunning Hamptons getaway.

Parallel lines of floorboards combined with wall panelling harmonise wonderfully with the Gyprock Trio Cornice. Comprised of three solid steps, Trio cornices deliver a striking presence in bridging the gap between walls and ceilings. This product perfectly contrasts with the brick and board facades that are typical of Hamptons architecture.
Here are five other tips to bring the Hamptons style to your home’s interior:

  • Contrast white with green indoor plants
  • Lots of light! Wall light and pendants work well
  • Timber floors and staircases
  • Natural materials and fabrics such as stone, timber, linen and wool rugs
  • Bring in patterns through textiles like cushions and towels

Features of a Hamptons style home

Like many other home styles, features of Hamptons style homes are able to be blended and changed to suit your own unique micro-style within the wider aesthetic. However, there are a few key ingredients when creating a Hamptons style home.

  • An open plan kitchen and living area, creating a welcoming, light and bright space
  • A focus on letting as much sunlight in as possible
  • Weatherboard cladding on the exterior for a fresh, modern feel
  • A use of natural materials that evoke feelings of being by the seaside, such as wicker, rattan and timber

Create the Hampton style home of your dreams with CSR brands

When it comes to creating the Hamptons home you’ve always dreamed of for lazy days by the beach or in the backyard, the building experts at CSR can make it happen. Our brands include Cemintel, Gyprock, PGH Bricks, Hebel and Monier, covering every exterior and interior building need for your new home.

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