When people consider building a custom home theatre room or designing a new kitchen or entertaining area, it is easy to focus on the accessories, appliances and the aesthetics. While all these things are important, none of them are as essential as the room acoustics.

When considering the acoustics of your home, there are two main characteristics to focus on:

  • Sound Absorption – Prevent a room becoming an echo chamber. Very important for rooms with hard surface floors.
  • Sound Transmission – Make sure you can’t hear what’s going on in every other room of the house. Crucial for bedrooms next to one another.

Gyprock’s Superchek™ plasterboard is the premium choice for noise control, allowing you to reduce noise transfer within your home as well as effectively resisting damage caused by soft and hard impact.

Quiet down in there!

Superchek has a reinforced core and is designed to reduce the damage caused by rough play as well as delivering better sound absorption for a quieter, more peaceful home.

“Home theatres, entertainment rooms or other special purpose rooms with high noise levels, such as music and rumpus rooms, are typical areas that need to be considered for noise transfer,” says Therese Tarlinton, Gyprock Marketing Communications Manager.

“With some basic understanding of building acoustics and careful consideration of the room use and layout of your home or extension, you can create quiet zones where you need them and keep noise contained.”

Cancel out Sound

Walls lined with Superchek provide a 15 per cent reduction in perceived loudness compared to standard plasterboard.

For an even greater reduction, Soundchek cuts noise down by between 50 per cent and 70 per cent, meaning you can keep noise in its place whilst enjoying your favourite movie.

Polished and Purposeful

Taking acoustics into account doesn’t need to be a purely functional decision. For a statement piece on your ceiling, consider Gyprock Perforated. Formerly seen only in commercial settings, perforated plasterboard drastically improves the sound absorption properties of large living spaces, especially ones with polished concrete or tile floors. Gyprock Perforated features several different designs and patterns to compliment any room, both acoustically and aesthetically.

The Gyprock plasterboard range has many purpose-built options providing enhanced performance to create a more comfortable, effective and durable environment for your family and to help you get the most from your home.

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