Familiar faces

Scott Cam will return for The Block 2021, hosting his 15th season of the show.

Expect the unexpected. This build was extremely tough to plan and work out where things would go for many of our contestants because of this new twist. The plans have been thrown out the window and it leads to plenty of stuff-ups! The Fans have everything to gain and the Faves have reputations to uphold. This will be a dramatic showdown like we have never seen before.

Other familiar faces to catch on The Block 2021 include bright and bubbly co-host Shelley Craft, site foremen Keith and Dan, and Australia’s three favourite renovation judges, Neale Whitaker, Shaynna Blaze and Darren Palmer.

The faves – Mitch & Mark

Ronnie & Georgia
Ronnie & Georgia

Mitch & Mark

Australia first had the privilege of meeting fabulous Sydney couple Mitch and Mark on The Block in 2019 at The Oslo in St Kilda. They came fifth in that season, but still took home $384,000 in prize money.

Mitch and Mark know their stuff when it comes to renovation and flipping houses. They are now up to house number 20 on their renovation resume – a big old beach house ‘fixer upper’ in Newport on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. They’ve also been helping Cam and Jules from Married at First Sight renovate their new home!

Together for over 16 years, Mitch and Mark work incredibly well together and are known for never being afraid to speak their minds. They’re an absolute force to be reckoned with, and we can’t wait to see them back for more renovation drama.

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Ronnie & Georgia

Ronnie and Georgia sold their Block Elsternwick home for $2,781,000 in 2017, making them $161,000 profit – and now, they’re back for more! One of The Block’s most watchable couples, Ronnie and Georgia took everything in their stride and fought their way through every challenge in their previous season.

Since their time on The Block, the couple have been renovating both their own homes and others. In fact, they’ve just bought a 100-year-old weatherboard home in Perth that they’re currently revamping entirely.

We can’t wait to see power couple Ronnie and Georgia work under pressure once more to create an amazing home renovation!

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The fans

Josh & Luke
Tanya & Vito
Kirsty & Jesse

Josh & Luke

Things are definitely about to heat up on The Block thanks to identical twins Josh and Luke Packham. Making their television debut on Love Island Australia on Channel Nine, these boys are looking for more than just love – they’re looking to take home the main prize!

Josh is currently studying mental health and Luke has just started up his own synthetic grass installation business. Charismatic, passionate and loveable, the boys are hard working and keen to get their hands dirty.

However, they are probably the most inexperienced Blockheads in program history, with neither having renovated at all before. We’re excited to see whether this works to their advantage and they end up being tough competitors on The Block Fans vs Faves!

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Tanya & Vito

Tanya and Vito are parents from Melbourne, together for two decades and married for 18 years raising children Eva (12) and Josiah (8). They’ve watched The Block with their family for as long as they can remember and can’t wait to give it a crack themselves this year!

The couple have always lived in Melbourne’s North-West suburbs and have actually built three houses of their own during their marriage. Tanya’s creativity flows through her work as a make-up artist with over 11,000 followers on Instagram.

For Vito, his Italian background means that family is everything, and he wants to give his kids a goal to look up to by appearing on The Block. This unstoppable team are raring to go for The Blocks Fans vs Faves, and plan to use their strong bond to navigate their way through the inevitable drama!

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Kirsty & Jesse

Together since they were 16 and married for seven years, Kirsty and Jesse are another rock-solid couple taking on the challenge of The Block Fans vs Faves.

Kirsty and Jesse bought their first house together when they were 18. After Jesse got his apprenticeship as a fitter and machinist two years earlier, he set a goal to buy a property as soon as he could. They did that house up and sold it, making $60,000 and catching the renovation bug. Since then they have bought and flipped six houses.

Kirsty is an established country music singer with a loyal fan base all over Australia. She is also a proud Indigenous woman who continues to explore her family history.

Kirsty and Jesse work very well together and rarely fight, saying their going to relish every opportunity and experience being on The Block 2021 brings for them. Good luck guys!

Tune in to to The Block Fans vs Faves!

The Block 2021 will premiere for its 17th season on Sunday, August 8 at 7.00pm on Channel Nine and 9Now!

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